Oregon Arts Commission/OregonCultural Trust Joint Board Meeting
Monday, February 24, 2014
8:00 am – 9:00 am
Conference Call: 1-877-848-7030passcode: 584 309

8:00 am – Brief Welcome 

8:05am – Executive Director Recruitment Information and Discussion. 
Public Session (Open to the Public): This public session is called pursuant toORS192.660(2)(a)(Consideration of employment of a public officer).  TheBoards will reviewand adopt hiring standards, criteria, and policy directives.  Thepublic  will have the opportunity to comment at the end of thisdiscussion. Speaker: Twyla Lawson, DAS, Chief HumanResources Office, SR. HR Consultant.

8:10 am – Public Comment* 

Immediately following PublicComment- VOTE to adopt hiring standards, criteria, and policy directives forthe selection of the next Executive Director.*

9:00 am – Adjourn

 *Pursuantto ORS 192.660 the Board will review and adopt hiring standards, criteria andpolicy directives. This is primarily accomplished through the Recruitment Planand the Job Posting.  The public will have the opportunity to commentprior to adoption of the documents.