Salem, OR – A record year of fundraising and grant-making has culminated in a fresh brand for the Oregon Cultural Trust – a brand that is energetic, empowering and recommitted to serving culture in all 98,000 square miles of the state.

“We are really proud of this work and how it communicates the Cultural Trust,” said Executive Director Brian Rogers. “We believe it does a great job of advancing our vision of an Oregon that champions investment in our shared values of creative expression, cultural exchange and inspired innovation.”

The result of an intensive and inclusive rebranding process conducted with the Trust’s creative agency partner, Grady Britton, the rebranding was informed by a strategic planning process that began with 14 town meetings across the state. It also included stakeholder interviews and a creative workshop with cultural partners, board members and staff. All were asked: What is the Trust? Why does it matter?

“We are such fans of all that makes Oregon great that helping the Trust bring its mission to life in a whole new way was our complete pleasure,” said Andy Askren, Grady Britton’s executive creative director and partner. “In working with the Trust’s employees, board and other stakeholders, we were struck by how expansive and yet singular the purpose and passion of the Trust is – it exists to keep Oregon, Oregon!”

“The work fell out naturally,” added Askren. “The effort was just in nailing the ‘rightness:’ those perfect design details and word nuances that made it real and wonderful. We couldn’t be more proud to support a mission this rich, this vital to the state we love.”

“Grady Britton also developed materials to explain the unique role of the Trust in supporting Oregon culture,” said Carole Morse, Cultural Trust board chair. “They are simple and straightforward. Our biggest challenge has always been sharing how the Trust, through the cultural tax credit, fuels Oregon culture,” said Morse. “I think Grady Britton’s work gives us a real shot at demystifying the Oregon Cultural Trust.”# # #