The High Desert Museum’s “Head to Toe” exhibit opens January 19 through May 5.The exhibit will feature clothing worn by the Native peoples of the Columbia Plateau, before and after the European explorers began changing the cultural landscape. (Read about this and other exciting openings funded by the Cultural Trust) Artifacts on display will include mocassins, headdresses/bonnets, an elk tooth dress, and a bridal veil.The museum’s curators are working with the Tamastlikt Cultural Institute to tell a story based on Native American styles at various times in history. The Cultural Trust gave a grant to the museum to put on this exhibit.Head to Toe will give HDM an opportunity to showcase parts of the Doris Swayze Bounds collection, a 7,000-item collection of Native American artifacts donated to the museum.The High Desert Museum attracts 155,000 visitors annually, 80% from outside Central Oregon.