Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Mission: Founded in 1970 and located at Cascade Head on the Oregon Coast, Sitka’s Mission is to provide time and space for place-based reflection, inquiry and creation at the intersection of art and ecology. At the heart of this mission is our belief in the importance of teaching and practicing the arts alongside the sciences. Essential to this belief, and to fulfilling our mission, is providing equitable access to and participation in the arts, natural sciences and nature itself at all ages and stages of life. Interdisciplinary and intergenerational exchange and collaboration are central to our work.

Programs: Sitka serves over 5,000 artists and scientists of all skill-levels, backgrounds, and ages annually through: Residencies for emerging and professional artists, writers, musicians, ecologists, and interdisciplinary creatives; immersive Workshops for adult learners in the arts, crafts, ecology and writing; a Youth Program providing school year and summer art and STEAM education for PreK – 8 kids in schools without art programs of their own, online and in-person Talks and Readings showcasing voices from the leading edges and intersections of art and ecology, and an annual Art Invitational showcasing work by 100 regional nature-inspired artists. Our monthly newsletter and journal is actively read by over 4,000 people.