Once donors understand how the Cultural Trust works, they are quick to participate in the tax credit. Help us spread the word with these easy-to-use marketing tools. If you don’t see what you need, please contact us.

If you work for a cultural nonprofit in Oregon and want to be added to our list of qualified nonprofits, download the application.

The logos, ads, videos and printed materials below are downloadable. We encourage you to use them on your website, in your eNewsletter, social media and share with your donors.


Please use these logos in digital or print form for any project funded by the Cultural Trust or a County Coalition.
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Marketing Assets to Download

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Digital Ads

Use these on your website, in your newsletter or on social media.


Use these on your website, in your newsletter or on social media.


We’ve learned that a 15 minute presentation to cultural donors is the most effective way to educate them about the Cultural Tax Credit. We will gladly present to your group in-person or online. Contact us to schedule a date and time. You can also show a video of the presentation, or present it yourself using the resources here.

Printed Materials

Shipped To You

The Cultural Trust has a bookmark and donor insert to include in your fundraising appeals and thank you letters. Order them here.

Trifold Brochure

Download Trifold Brochure

Donation Insert

Download Donation Insert

Print & Share

Print and share these with your donors and supporters.

Sample Copy

Public Service Announcement (Audio)

Resource for Tax Preparers

CPAs, tax attorneys and accounting professionals can learn more about how the Cultural Tax Credit works to greatly benefit your clients and businesses.