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Lane County Cultural Coalition

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Contact Person:
Marsha Klosterman
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Mailing Address:
174 E 16th Ave.
Suite 125
Eugene, OR 97401

Grant Information:

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Grant Amount:
FY2024 $45,933

Cultural Priorities:


A) ACCESS: Cultural activities in Lane County will be affordable, accessible and inclusive throughout Lane County.

  • Subsidizing venue cost
  • Subsidizing tickets
  • Subsidizing transportation cost
  • Creating traveling programs
  • Creating and maintaining internet resources

B) AWARENESS: Residents of Lane County will have increased knowledge of cultural activities.

  • Supporting marketing and public relations efforts
  • Supporting advocacy efforts
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Enhancing visibility and promoting cultural activities

C) EDUCATION: Encourage cultural education and activities in Lane County.

  • Creating programs in schools and other community venues
  • Developing participatory workshops and activities
  • Establishing mentorships
  • Supporting subjects that are under-funded in traditional, public educational systems


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